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Rethink how you deliver content

Rethink how you deliver content

You all know that I am all about printing (shocking since I manage a printing company). However there are complements to print that can further impact your marketing campaigns and make them much more effective – as it really is all about COMMUNICATION.

Let’s say you’re attending an important conference and you want to take all sorts of awesome communications – print collateral, samples of products, giveaways, etc. Now let’s say you’re based in Washington, D.C. and your conference is in Los Angeles. You now have to ship all your awesome stuff. And so do the 200 + other vendors who may be at this conference. And all of those other vendors also have awesome stuff they want to give away as well. Now think about the attendees. All those attendees are going to have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF to carry home. Chances are your awesome stuff is going to end up in a hotel trash can.

How do you differentiate yourself?

Now to get to my point. You can kill two (heck, multiple) birds with one stone – and extend your brand – using electronic products. Think branding, nifty giveaway, lower shipping costs and media/content storage all in one tiny device like a USB flash drive or CD or DVD.

You may be thinking that CD/DVDs are old school. But the technology has come a long way. You can have searchable, interactive content on these devices. AND (AGS pitch) we can find you the right device and replicate content on CD/DVDs and USBs by the thousands.

So go ahead. Rethink how you’re delivering your content. We have lots of solutions at AGS and we can help. Email us.