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Striking the Right Communication Balance

Striking the Right Communication Balance

Digital+print communications can provide the most optimal return on investment

Traditional marketing has taken a back seat to digital, but that hardly means it should be tossed out of the window. Hopefully you are most likely having good results with your digital campaigns, reaching your audience at a very affordable cost. But why not use an onmichannel approach by combining the two of the biggest impact marketing channels?

print+digital communications
Leveraging both digital and print in your communications can give you the best of both worlds.

A marketing campaign that is all digital without including print is out of balance, and here is why:

  • In the last couple of years, response rates to print marketing have more than doubled according to the Data & Marketing Association.
  • Engagement with digital is less than print. According to the USPS, we average about 30 minutes on any given occasion reading through paper mail, compared to spending 11.1 seconds on one email.
  • Interacting with a clever piece of marketing can have a bigger impact than scanning a message on a digital device. It’s tactile, and engages the senses, moving the reader into a higher level of interaction.
  • Customers can’t feel digital. Spot varnishes and UV coatings can create a soft touch or texture, making your communication feel unique with a high-quality perception.
  • Use print to drive customers or prospects to your digital channels or in-store. More than 50% of people responding to direct mail would rather do so online or in-store.
  • Paper has zero “load time.” It requires no software, no plug or battery.

With a well-maintained CRM database, you can successfully build a personalized digital and PRINT campaign – whether it’s for targeted promotions, coupons, new product announcements or a brochure.  The sky is the limit with the right tools in place! And we can help.

Linkable and Trackable Communications

For the best results, make sure the print and digital communications are linked together and trackable.  These tips will also ensure success:

  • Provide QR codes on print to link prospects to a personalized landing page, or straight to a product they’ve previously viewed without purchasing.
  • Your message and campaign graphics naturally should look consistent across every channel with the same colors and fonts.
  • Include all social media channels on your printed piece so recipients can connect with you through their preferred channel.
  • Use variable data printing (VDP) and your CRM data to design personalized materials aimed at certain segments.
  • Create individual customized catalogs based on what customers have browsed for online or purchased in the past. Note: customers usually aren’t interested in your entire product range.
  • If a catalog is too much, create personalized offers or time-sensitive coupons to include with direct mailings, or delivered orders.

The more you cater to what your customer wants or needs, the more loyalty you are sure to foster. It’s clear that when you invest in personalized print materials, you create a unique experience that is bound to capture the attention of current customers and prospective ones alike.

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