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Tags: omnichannel marketing

It’s true! Print Communications Can Be Just as Personal as Digital

It’s true! Print Communications Can Be Just as Personal as Digital

Print vs. Digital These days digital marketing can be accomplished inexpensively and with quick, measurable results for tactics like website personalization, social media campaigns, emails and more. However, print communications can be just as personal as digital. Don’t underestimate the power of what you can achieve with print. Even better, use print and digital together […]

Omnichannel Operations are Disrupting the Grocery Industry

With the recent purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon is among the toughest competitors in today’s market place. Bookstores were the first to feel the weight of Amazon; now grocers are the ones topping the list of those that fear the online giant the most. While Whole Foods was ranked #9 among grocers in 2017, it […]

Kohl’s is going to the dark side?

All over the news you’ve seen that Amazon and Kohl’s are forming a partnership. And it has the potential to be brilliant for both companies. For the retail world, this may be the ultimate partnership, a combination of eCommerce and retail, both leveraging each other’s strengths to provide the best possible experience for their customers. […]

Can Retail Provide More Value?

It seems like daily we hear another retail store is closing its brick and mortar locations. Yes, there are record numbers of brick-and-mortar store closings. You would think that’s because U.S. shoppers prefer to buy online, interestingly that isn’t always true. It really depends on what shoppers are purchasing and at what stage of the […]

What “Omnichannel” Marketing Really Means

I mentioned “omnichannel” marketing in a recent post, so I wanted to take a deeper dive into what it really means because, let’s face it, it’s here to stay. First, what the heck is a channel in marketing? As defined by Wikipedia: “A marketing channel is the people, organizations, and activities necessary to transfer the ownership of […]

Personalized Marketing + Customer Retention = Customer Success (part 2)

My post this week a continuation of last week’s post, part 2, as I had more thoughts on the topic. Imagine that! For those of you who hear “marketing automation” all the time but don’t actually know what it means, it’s software and tactics that automate marketing tasks (like email) and allow companies to buy […]