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Target – the Ultimate in Personalization!

Target – the Ultimate in Personalization!

Target’s customer communications are “the ultimate in personalization!”

I am a Target shopper for many reasons though the main one is that Target does an amazing job of embracing the consumer and making the experience a positive one from all angles. That coupled with a clean, stylish and well-organized shopping experience makes me loyal. In turn what I’ve noticed is that one of things Target excels at is their loyalty program, called “Target Rewards.”

Background: to participate in “Target Rewards” you either sign up for a Target charge card or a Target debit card that links directly to your checking account. I opted for the debit card – seriously I was going to spend the money there anyway, nothing to lose. And it turns out everything to gain.

Target uses the data collected about my buying habits and then sends me direct mail and email focused solely on the products that I purchase at Target. Every time I use my Rewards card (which is a debit card tied to my bank account, not a credit card) I get a coupon book about every 6 weeks that is totally variable printed and typically has only coupons for products that I buy at Target.

And now the program also generates coupons at checkout that are based on my buying habits. I don’t receive coupons for competing products – which I won’t use and don’t reward me – I get coupons that really are focused on me, the consumer. Again, they get it.

And it is all driven by the data that Target collects. They are using it to its fullest in all customer communications. Very Minority Report in many ways which shows that some retailers truly “get it!”