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Top ten questions to ask yourself about your campaign…

Top ten questions to ask yourself about your campaign…

There are 10 critical questions (and my 2 cents) to consider for any direct marketing campaign that uses variable data:

  1. What is your campaign goal? For instance, what $$ amount do you want to raise, how much product do you want to sell, OR how many people do you want to reach and have react?
  2. What will determine the success of the campaign? Because you must have a way to determine if the campaign works.
  3. How is success measured and can you measure it easily? Trust me on this point, if you can’t measure the success and do it EASILY then you’re not going to be able to track it.
  4. What kind of data do you have about your targets? If you just have names and addresses, then your ability to take advantage of variable data is fairly limited; try to get email addresses, mobile numbers and other data about the targets such as sex and age range – both of those can help you target the copy to the get a response.
  5. What are the touches of the campaign? Use all channels at your disposal: letter, postcard, PURL, text message, email, follow-up email, and/or custom landing pages.
  6. Why are you considering variable data for the marketing process? Because if you’re doing it because it is “cool” and you’re just going to include their first name and address that is a waste of your marketing dollars. Truly doing variable data right means using the data to make your piece standout – through images, messaging, etc.
  7. Have you used variable data to market in the past? If so, what worked and what didn’t? Why did you use it then and did you have goals to meet?
  8. How do you want to track ROI? If you do a campaign and don’t track the return on investment, then you probably won’t do a variable data campaign again. A variable data campaign costs more up front and typically returns better overall responses and results, but if you don’t track those then you can’t prove it when arguing for the budget dollars.
  9. Have you considered the date you’d like the pieces to appear in mail boxes? Because depending on the time of year you’ll want to make sure you get the pieces out in a timely fashion.
  10. Have you designed the campaign yet? Because if you haven’t that is GREAT. Take time to speak with your vendor partners and review the answers to the above questions and get their input.

Good luck!

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