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Translation anyone? ¿Qué es lo que desea traducir?

Translation anyone? ¿Qué es lo que desea traducir?

Guess what? English may no longer be the best language to reach your audience. Or maybe you need to use a variety of different languages to communicate with your client base/membership/global audience.

Did you know that we provide translation services for a wide variety of customers (yours and ours) through our Maryland Composition division? Spanish is by far the most common language we translate, but there are 130 other languages that we support as well. Our linguists are all native speakers, based in the U.S.

Some fun facts:

The most expensive language to translation is Hebrew.

We typically translate in 10 different languages each day.

The hardest language to translate is anything that reads right to left because of the problems during layout.

We have handled everything from business cards to thousand page catalogs.

We handle the output (Including creating final files for press) in the translated language.