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Viva la VIVA

Viva la VIVA

VIVA. Vision Integrity Verification Automation. Ok…cool. But how does it work?

VIVA software was created by our team of computer programmers to secure the finishing and kiting of data-driven projects at AGS.


VIVA in its simplest form is a series of cameras that are placed within our production equipment to scan bar-codes on printed materials to safely and securely capture information. VIVA audit tools tie each printed page back to its corresponding piece of data to guarantee the one-to-one relationship between the data and the recipient at the page level.

Cameras scan the bar-codes and send that data back to a database, which can be seen on a computer monitor linked to the cameras in the finishing equipment. The monitor displays everything the cameras are recording and helps us ensure that every piece on the line is accounted for and that there are no errors.

Yep, I just said zero errors. This is especially important with variable data jobs that utilize extremely sensitive data. Read: health insurance or benefits statements, student test scores or financial statements.