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We are bombarded by messages

We are bombarded by messages

Everyday we are bombarded with messages – email, text, mail, and the phone are a few that immediately come to mind. In addition we are constantly processing non-verbal messages from other people.

The key role of a marketing professional is to make your message stand out and be remembered beyond the second it took someone to process it. Since your message will be replaced immediately by something else that commands our attention.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in previous posts is that good or really really bad design can make your message memorable. For instance, the Mentos commericals – they stand out (and you can argue either because they are good or bad, but you don’t forget them).

The same is true of the ASPCA ad about animal welfare and the desire to get your contributions. ASPCA also does a direct mail campaign that focuses on the same elements. The message stands out.

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