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What can you do with data?

What can you do with data?

What can you do with data? A better question is “What can’t you do with data?” And yes I know I wrote the first question. 🙂

Data is one of the key elements to effective marketing. Data is what generates your email, direct mail or other lists. Data is what determines where you place ads. And data is what can cause your campaign to fail miserably.

You’ve heard the saying “S–t in, S–t out” – same applies to data. Poor data used at the onset of a campaign means that your results will be poor. Expecting anything else sets you up for failure.

How do you make sure that your data is good? It goes back to planning. Make sure you know your objective for your campaign. If you purchase a list, make sure you’ve figured out how it ties into that objective and how up-to-date the data on the list is. If you pull a house list, make sure you’ve have it purged for duplicates and updated for new mailing addresses.

Take the time upfront with your data to ensure the best chance for your campaign to succeed.

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