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What do Pottery Barn Kids, Williams-Sonoma & Star Wars have in common?

What do Pottery Barn Kids, Williams-Sonoma & Star Wars have in common?

A few years ago Pottery Barn Kids started licensing Star Wars products and carrying them. It started small – sheets, blankets, pillows. This year they’ve added another line of sheets – from another Star Wars episode. Williams-Sonoma launched licensed Star Wars items this fall – cookie cutters, sandwich cutters, pancake molds, and aprons.

What do these retailers have in common?

  • Both market to parents with disposable income.
  • Typically these parents that have a fondness for Star Wars.
  • Parents that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.
  • Williams-Sonoma owns the Pottery Barn line of stores and catalogs.

What could these retailers do to encourage cross-over sales?

Since Williams-Sonoma owns Pottery Barn (and thus the data), they could do a joint campaign that isolates data from prior purchases. For instance you pick a customer that purchased the Star Wars sheets and then you target them with a Williams-Sonoma promotion for the Star Wars cooking gear. This could be done via email or direct mail.

Or you get a list of customers that purchased a Star Wars cookie cutter set and send them a direct mail or email about the new line of Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars sheets. Or you could market the other products to them in a 4 or 6 page self-mailer. Skip the entire catalog and send them the mailer with the other products highlighted.

It is my opinion that retailers like Williams-Sonoma have an advantage when it comes to marketing because they have the data and the brands – they just don’t seem to be using it.

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