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What happens when data is bad?

What happens when data is bad?

Bad data exists. We experience it every day. As consumers we get it in the form of wasted postage and paper. As marketers we wish it wasn’t so.

In 2006 I had a miscarriage…after my name had been sold to assorted lists as an “expecting mother.” For the following year I received coupons, mailing, and promotions all surrounding the newborn that wasn’t coming. As a consumer I get “it” – the data was on the list and by all rights I should have been a prime target for all their offers from diapers to life insurance plans. Of course, given the circumstances “it” annoyed the you know what out of me.

As a marketer we target the personal, the emotional and, frequently, play on the heart strings to get the desired result. In the case of bad data that means you also run the risk of offending the recipient. Take time to make sure your list is clean and up to date and you’ll avoid offending your targets.

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