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What is Variable Information Printing?

What is Variable Information Printing?

Simply put Variable Information Printing (VIP) is using data to print mass-customized marketing and/or informational pieces for individuals. It is also known as variable data printing and personalized printing. VIP has a number of uses that include: marketing, bonus/reward point statements, school performance reports, and personalized catalogs.

As you can imagine the largest adoption rate for VIP has been in the direct marketing (or direct mail) industry. Chances are that you receive at least one variably printed piece of mail per day ~ and chances are that you consider some of it junk mail.

One very simple example of personalization is the of source codes and customer code inkjetted on the back of a catalog. Another example is your credit card statement – they print the statement paper and then print individually your statement (in black ink). A fancy example is the update you might receive from your auto dealer with the information about your vehicle (VIN, make/model) and service coupons.

Today when you go home, check out your mail ~ let me know if you don’t find a single piece with some form of personalization (in addition to the typical address block). And let me know which pieces you actually opened.