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What the heck is transpromo?

What the heck is transpromo?

If you’re in the printing industry you know that “transpromo” is something that everyone is talking about. That said, my guess is that you also are wondering what the heck transpromo is and why it matters?

A quick definition of transpromo is using your customer data to include targeted offers on transactional communications with your customers. The “targeted offers” are from other companies that seem to combine well with your customer’s preferences. Or at least with the preferences that are assumed based on customer history.

The simplest form of transpromo happens at your local grocery store. You make a purchase including a quick swipe of your “rewards” card, it records everything you purchase and then at the time you collect your receipt you get coupons for products in similar categories to those you purchased or have a history of purchasing.

Let’s take that a step further – on your credit card statement, you purchase flowers for your mother and on your next bill you get an offer from 1-800-Flowers for 25% off your next order. This offer is because your credit card company has teamed up with either an agency or 1-800-Flowers to offer the promotion to all customers that make a purchase of flowers (or chocolate).

Now onto the question of “why transpromo matters?” It matters because it can give your company higher customer loyalty because the offers are relevant to the customer. It matters because it can give your company an affiliate revenue stream if that is a part of your strategy. It matters because your competition is, in many cases, already doing this – some do it well and some not so well.

It you want to start using transpromo, please remember that the same rules apply to transpromo as they do to any variable information campaign. You cannot go into it without clearly defining your business goal, developing a strategy, identifying partners, implementing it, committing to the program and tracking what works and doesn’t work.

Good luck!