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Where do you get data?

Where do you get data?

Sometimes you have data already to start your direct marketing campaign…sometimes you don’t. If you don’t have a database of targets for your “pitch” then you need to get a list for your campaign. A list can be an email list, a mailing list, a phone list, or a combination of all three.

So then the question is “Where do you start?”

First, review your campaign goal. If you are trying to get new customers, then you’ll want to purchase a list. To ensure that you’re spending your money wisely make sure that take some time to identify your target by figuring out who is your “ideal” customer and what their characterisitics are.

For instance: if you are marketing a self-defense course to young women entering their first year of college and you identify that their fathers are your target then your customer profile looks something like this:

Male, 45-65, middle/upper class socio-economic background (who can afford both college tuition and the course), married or divorced, and then pull the list for the local 5-10 mile region.

There are some great resources to purchase a data list:

  1. Accudata: they review your goals with you and then determine best list(s) that fit your goals, www.accudata.com.
  2. InfoUSA: similar to Accudata, www.infousa.com.
  3. InFocus: http://www.infocusmarketing.com/.
  4. Specific to the Student Market: http://www.studentlist.com.

And you can also find list resources on DMNews: http://www.dmnews.com/directory/.

Good luck!