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Why associations have the leg up on personalization

Why associations have the leg up on personalization

There is an association that supports every industry. If you don’t believe me then you’ve never heard of the “International Association for Bear Research & Management” (I wonder if Ms. Grizz Leigh Bear should join?) Associations play a powerful role in our world by curating content relevant to their industry, organizing meetings to disseminate information to their members and industry, lobbying for change to rules and regulations that impact their industry and by providing a community to like-minded individuals or companies.

Why does this matter? How does it play a role with personalization? Associations have the mother load of data about their members. They know what their interests are, what classes they routinely register for at the annual meeting, what books they purchase on their bookstore…you get the idea.

And so with that in mind, imagine this scenario: you are planning your yearly conference in Palm Springs. What’s not to love about Palm Springs? Hot, sunny, perfect golf weather. Palm Springs is ideal and gorgeous and also on the West Coast. And so your challenge is that some of your key members cannot come because their company’s marketing or professional development budget was reduced and they no longer have the funds to attend a conference across the country.

Here is where targeted mailings come into play. What if you conducted a search of your members within a given radius of your conference? Now you’re targeting people close to your event who are more likely to be able to attend. If it’s a day trip, their companies may be more likely to let them come.

Then, let’s say you look at the tracks that will be offered to your members and drill down even further. You create a campaign that targets members who have interests in particular tracks, meaning you’re targeting your mailing to people who you know will find that track interesting.

Lastly, we all know that shipping can be expensive, especially when you are shipping all your marketing collateral and event materials across the country. Save money. Take advantage of RR Donnelley’s global reach to print event materials close to your meeting. You’ll not only save money on shipping costs, you’ll save on time to market.

Curious about what we else we can do for associations? Contact me for more information.