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Why direct marketing is still very relevant

Why direct marketing is still very relevant

I recently read an article on Forbes.com that only affirmed my belief that print is still inimitable – especially with some demographics. According to the article, titled Reshaping Direct Mail for 2014, “Mailers will go where the money is and that’s primarily to old people.”

So what does that mean? The article cites an example of Hammacher Schlemmer’s catalog. The company still prints and mails out thousands of catalogs even though their online catalog does the job just as effectively. Believe it or not, customers who want to order items from the print catalog don’t just go online and order. No, they still call in orders, complete a good old-fashioned order form and mail it in with a check and even fax orders in. So a company that targets an older demographic and doesn’t at least have some element of print in their marketing repertoire is doing themselves a disservice.

I know I talk a lot about personalized, targeted marketing, and once again, I’m validated! From the article, “Direct Mail has always worked best when it’s personal and targeted to the right person …” Since postage keeps going up, marketing will have to be targeted to make the cost worthwhile.

For kicks I leave you with my favorite line from the article: “Direct mail isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.”

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