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Why Variable Data Printing is a “Must-Have” Technology

Why Variable Data Printing is a “Must-Have” Technology

I was struck by a recent infographic in a Printing Industries of America blog. The image depicts a young man surrounded by his favorite things: Thai food, his passion for animals, his desire to drive in a NASCAR race. Why is this important? For better or worse, we have become accustomed to being able to access information instantaneously. When I’m on Google searching for dog food or on Facebook and even mention dog food, I suddenly see ads targeted very specifically to dog food. How does that work in print?

InforgraphicIn the print industry, we sometimes struggle with keeping print relevant. How do you take personalization to the next level? The answer is variable-print technology. Variable-data printing uses technology to drive the print process. Using VDP we can customize text and graphics to create a truly personalized print experience.

Each piece of information in the infographic to the right represents a data point that can be used in marketing. We know that “Bob” likes Thai food. From a marketing perspective, we can segment this information and create a unique message – with targeted graphics – that will appeal to Bob and his Thai food loving friends. We can do the same thing knowing he loves NASCAR. (You get the idea.) Now, imagine the variety of other marketing campaigns you can take advantage of once you have this data set down: emails, personalized URLs, etc.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Print will continue to remain relevant. We just have to figure out how to continue to utilize technology to keep things relevant.