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Why would you automate anything?

Why would you automate anything?

Why would you automate anything? Why wouldn’t you? Seriously? Look at what has changed in the last 15 years and then let’s talk about why “automate?”

  • Internet: 15 years ago the internet was just “web pages” – now it is all encompassing. I mean, who doesn’t refer to Google or another search engine at least once a day to find something out?
  • eBooks: Publications have matured with the devices that support them. Can you say “Kindle” or “iPad?” Both have been game changing for printers and anyone who publishes content.
  • ADHD: With the internet, smart phones, tablets and a generation raised entirely with personal computers and the internet, there are many things competing for your attention, including print. All those changes aside, people still “want what they want, when they want it” and that includes printed products.

What does that mean to us, as a company that drives communication via print?

It means we have to get printed pages done correctly, quickly and out the door. Hence automation and the ability to get it all done fast (think 24 hours for thousands of pieces) and correct the first time.